Connections for Innovation in Security Printing


Connections for Innovation in Security Printing is a new venture which will take part within the SDW Knowledge Theatre, Wednesday 28th June, 11am - 1pm . Attendence is free but please pre-register (see below). By registering for connections for Innovation in Security Printing you will automatically be registered to attend the SDW 2017 Exhibition.

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About the event

Connections for Innovation in Security Printing is a joint venture between SDW 2017 and Reconnaissance International's Authentication News and ID and Secure Document News publications and will be lead by renowned industry expert, Alan Hodgson.

The session aims to bring together the key stakeholders in security printing industry with one vision: “To connect and build collaborations to bring forward new authentication technologies for high value documents and products.”

This seminar will explore the potential ways in which the supply chain could bring new technologies into the market for security printing. In an industry where information can be difficult to find, trust is key and collaboration can be difficult to explore. Bringing together various stakeholders, this seminar will examine the challenges and opportunities in bringing a product to the secure document printing industry.

Whether you are a student, researcher, small company or large and established security features supplier, this seminar offers you the chance to make meaningful connections and take the next steps towards successful commercialisation.

Who Should Attend

The seminar is aimed at bringing people together to explore potential ways in which various parts of the supply chain could bring new technologies into the market for security printing.

To do this, we are inviting stakeholders at all stages of the development process to come together to collectively explore each other's needs when it comes to innovation. We welcome delegates from across the security printing industry and those who are interested in accessing this field, including:

  • Students and academic researchers
  • Start-up companies with a focus on bringing products to the document security market
  • Small to medium enterprises with security printing as an interest or emphasis
  • Established large companies in the security printing industry

Seminar Leader: Alan Hodgson

Alan has a background in the optics of silver halide holography and optical data storage from 30 years’ experience in the photographic manufacturing industry. With a BSc in colorant chemistry and a PhD in instrumentation, both from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Manchester, Alan has contributed numerous articles to Authentication News on next generation print features. The founder of Connections for Innovation, Alan will be leading the workshop at SDW.


Connections for Innovation in Security Printing Partners

Authentication News


The intelligent way to understand authentication

Authentication News is a comprehensive information source that focuses on authentication and supply chain strategies and technologies for brand protection, document security and personal identification.

Authentication News covers news and features on technologies, information on case studies and successful applications, interviews with key figures who are supplying or using authentication technologies, as well as in-depth commentary  and analysis to give you the inside track on the key players and on winning strategies and technologies for protecting products and documents against counterfeiting, tampering and diversion.


ID & Secure Document News


The global ID market and the trend towards e-ID programmes with systems married to secure documents is dynamic, growing and developing at a rapid pace. The need for secure identity documents within such programmes has never been greater, so there is also a need for specifiers, issuers and producers to ensure that they have access to the latest information on security systems, materials and methods.

ID and Secure Document News brings you considered, thoughtful and thought-provoking reports on the latest news, with expert analysis and insight. It is the comprehensive one-stop source of information for everyone involved in the specification, production, protection, personalisation, integration and issue of personal ID documents and the data they contain.

ID and Secure Document News provides coverage of the essential developments in secure ID documents and systems, conveniently within the pages of one newsletter. The ID field is developing fast, so ID and Secure Document News will develop with it to ensure you are up to date with news, views, trends and analysis.

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