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Uwe Rabeler

Technical Project Manager, Bundesdruckerei, Germany


Addressing face morphing attacks and their threat to the global electronic passport system – A project status report


  • Face morphing attacks pose a threat to the entire global electronic passport system;
  • Analysis of different morphing attack pipelines and the quality assurance likely to be performed by an attacker;
  • Design roadmap for countermeasures to detect and prevent face morphing attacks.

The German BMBF-founded project ANANAS that addresses the emerging threat of face morphing attacks against the global electronic passport system. Such attacks may result in eMRTDs containing portraits that can be used by multiple persons. The basic concept of the attack is to apply morphing operations on multiple facial images resulting in one portrait that is visually and biometrically similar to all of the persons involved.

In a first work package, the ANANAS project systematically analysed possible and realistic morphing attack pipelines, quality assurance, and counter-forensic methods potentially used by attackers. The results presented here cover manual, semi-automated, and fully automated morphing pipelines. We will report on our quality assurance considerations based on comparison results of two state-of-the-art face recognition systems, as well as on an empirical user study on the subjective quality perception of the resulting face morphs.

In a second work package, the project designs and evaluates countermeasures on various levels (e.g. media forensics, biometric data and algorithms, protocols) intended to detect and prevent face morphing attacks. As the project started in mid-2016 and is ongoing until 2019, some initial, but promising results for detection mechanisms are presented here.


Uwe Rabeler studied electronic engineering at the University Hanover, Germany. After receiving his diploma in 1991 he worked as development engineer and project manager for Liesegang, a German projection system manufacturer. From 2003-2008, he worked as a senior engineer and project manager for SciWorx, an IP development company, on several multimedia IP projects. In 2008 he became head of the FPGA test group at Silicon Image. Since 2010 he has worked as a project manager for Maurer Electronics, a subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei. His work focuses on the development of document acquisition systems and document verification containing the EU FP7 project FIDELITY, several national third-party founded projects and internal projects. Uwe Rabeler has published several journal contributions, as well as multiple conference papers.

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