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Stéphane Caillebotte

Program Manager, Collaborative Programs, DIA, OT-Morpho, and Coordinator of the European Project ORIGINS, France



Overview of the main results of the European Project ORIGINS on passport breeder documents

  • How to enhance the passport breeder documents lifecycle;
  • Recommendations on security solutions for passport breeder documents;
  • Towards common best practices: standardisation of breeder documents.

Government-issued identity documents are only as secure as the weakest link in the issuance chain. Of particular importance are the breeder documents, which are used to validate identity in the first place, and underpin the security of many gold standard documents, such as ePassports. Traditionally, these types of breeder documents have been diverse in nature, too easy to manipulate or copy, and have become an avenue for fraud. To bring breeder documents into the 21st century, significant efforts are now being placed on improving the status quo. This session explores the latest thinking in this area from the European Project ORIGINS.





The Knowledge Theatre: Breeder documents and beyond

The ORIGINS project on breeder documents ends in July 2017. This session will discuss enhancing and harmonizing the security of breeder documents, the weak links of current travel documents and more broadly ID documents.

Stéphane Caillebotte joined OT-Morpho as an R&D engineer. He researched and developed innovative solutions in the areas of biometry, digital ID and cryptography, before joining the collaborative programs division where he coordinated several national and European Projects. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of security technologies, and has worked on solutions to prevent ID document fraud. He is currently the coordinator of the European Project ORIGINS aiming at studying passport breeder document security.

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