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David Benford

Special Officer, National Crime Agency, Managing Director, Blackstage Forensics, UK


IN FOCUS: Disrupting identity and document fraud

The fight against identity fraud is a constant battle between the authorities and the fraudsters. But, in today’s uncertain world, the stakes have never been higher. At one end of the scale, citizens face economic loss and disruption, with governments facing risks to national security at the other. The focus of this practical session is to identify effective ways to unearth and disrupt identity fraud networks, and to consider ways to combat fraud in action.

David Benford is renowned as a leading expert on hostile profiling through open source intelligence and emerging technologies, and is the managing director and principal consultant of Blackstage Forensics. He is a special officer with the UK’s National Crime Agency, and is a visiting professional fellow at the College of Law at the University of Derby, England. David works internationally with military, diplomats, corporations and law enforcement agencies, along with his PERSEC work for high-profile individuals.

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