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David Chadwick

Director, Passport Standards & Biometrics Section, Australian Passport Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia


Australian Passports – the role of the passport in the digital age



  • Physical passports are here to stay and we will explore some of the security considerations for the next-generation Australian passport;
  • However, society’s move towards digital transactions require us to look at digital identity, travel facilitation and the role that passport can play in a new light;
  • This presentation will explore the concept of a truly digital passport and how it might coexist with the physical version.

This presentation will look at the current work being undertaken by the Australian Passport Office around the development of their next-generation passport, and the steps being undertaken to ensure that it remains secure into the future. But with today’s ever-increasing move towards digital technologies, online transactions and passenger facilitation, do we need to start considering supplementing the physical passport with a truly digital version? The work that is currently being trialled with Australian Immigration, using a digital passport concept, will be explored and the benefits and risks reviewed.


David Chadwick is the Director in charge of passport standards and face biometrics within the Australian Passport Office (APO). He is a member of ICAO’s New Technology Working Group and the ISO Sub-Committee 17 working group responsible for machine-readable travel documents. David is also the senior responsible officer for the next-generation passport, to be introduced in 2020. His Section is also rebuilding the APO’s facial recognition capability, coordinating research around technical and humanistic aspects of face recognition, as well as implementing the biometric data sharing arrangements with other government agencies. David has an extensive background in immigration, biometrics and border security issues, as well as 16 years of law enforcement experience.


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