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David Roberts

Specialist Document Examiner, National Document Fraud Unit, UK

The devil’s in the detail: Key security features that continue to thwart the forger


(Government only session)

  • Security features that have so far not been not been counterfeited to a deceptive standard;
  • Tamper-evident features;
  • Features easily detectable by the lay person.

A presentation of two strands, examining a selection of security features that have demonstrated themselves to be difficult to counterfeit, exploring why we have not seen these features reproduced to a deceptive standard and, illustrating which security features, in the examiners opinion, are most tamper evident, leading document examiners to detecting the forgery. The presentation will highlight why these features are so effective, and explore how some of these features could be further improved.

David Roberts is a Specialist Document Examiner with the National Document Fraud Unit (NDFU) of the United Kingdom’s Home Office. He has served as a Specialist Document Examiner with NDFU since June 2012 and holds a diploma from the Chartered Society for Forensic Science in the field of Questioned Identity Document examination. David has received specialist training from many industry leaders, along with attending specialist courses run by EU partners.

As an NDFU officer David provides specialist document examination for UK Home Office, wider law enforcement, and oversees partners. He has processed thousands of documents, including many forged and counterfeit documents resulting in criminal prosecutions.

David has represented NDFU and the United Kingdom at a number of domestic and foreign engagements, delivering forgery and counterfeiting seminars at high profile security document conferences. He has delivered forgery detection training on behalf of FRONTEX, the International Organisation for Migration, and Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs.

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