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Frank Smith

ENLETS Mobile (EU Working Group on Mobile Solutions for Law Enforcement), UK


Mobile + secure documents

Mobile solutions are developing radically. Game-changing applications are coming into use for social media, banking, retail, law enforcement and the passenger journey. The technology we use every day is steadily moving from the desktop to the smartphone and tablet; these are being used more widely and flexibly, and are linking increasingly to central databases and cloud resources. The journey has already been impressive – but has a long way to run.

Identity assurance is an increasingly critical part of this work, using technologies such as cryptographic digital signatures (PKI). Electronic and mobile identity is going to be increasingly important.

Frank will review the developments taking place in mobile solutions including law enforcement, drawing on insight from the ENLETS Mobile working group; and will consider how mobile solutions fit into to the world of secure documents, looking ahead to possible future developments. Initiatives such as Australia’s Passport-in-the-cloud, and ICAO’s Digital Travel Credentials are relevant. All of this must be grounded within a comprehensive framework of document issuance, production and use, such as that described in ICAO TRIP. 

•    A review of how mobile solutions are changing the game for front-line law enforcement;
•    A look at mobile solutions, identity and the travelling public;
•    Insight: where emerging trends and innovation may lead us in the future.


Frank Smith worked in the UK Home Office for 37 years on a wide range of subjects including technology, policy and operations. He has worked on law enforcement systems, biometrics, secure documents and passport chip security. He has worked on Parliamentary legislation and other policy work, and was Private Secretary to the Minister for Immigration. He also worked operationally for UK Border Force on the Critical Incident team, a contingency reserve to support the UK border at times of peak pressure.

Frank has extensive international experience. He represented the UK on the Management Board of eu-LISA; led for the UK on the Article 6 Committee for passport/card chip security in Brussels for several years; and has chaired international working groups on immigration and law enforcement technology.

Frank retired from the Home Office in 2015, but continues to Chair ENLETS Mobile (formerly e-MOBIDIG), the EU working group on mobile solutions for law enforcement – police and border services. He continues to take an active interest across this sector and engages with many colleagues in government, operational services and industry. He has recently been lead author for 'Secure Identity, Secure Borders' being published by the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA), featuring at SDW 2017.

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