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André ten Caat

Senior Employee Training/Document Expert, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, The Netherlands

Special Session – Cooperation and innovation in integrated border management

Document and identity fraud is a global problem; as more and more persons migrate, the need to establish their true identity becomes ever more important, from the perspective of identifying potential terrorists, serious criminals, legitimate travellers and persons in need of protection. The Netherlands Expertise Centre Identity Fraud (ECID) – a collaboration between the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and Netherlands Police – is a key player in providing training to public and private sectors, aimed at improving the identification of misuse of travel and ID documents. But this is not simply a Dutch or European problem, so ECID engages globally to provide support to border management and law enforcement on an international basis. A key partner of ECID is the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and, together, (with funding from the EU and the Netherlands) they have been supporting the border agencies in Lebanon, with a progressive and developmental assistance project since 2017. Today, the border agencies in Lebanon have reached a very high standard of proficiency in identifying travel document abuse, especially in the field of migrants from Syria and Iraq, so much so that they have recently been guests at Frontex, where they provided training for European colleagues.

•    Document and identity fraud is a global migration problem; the need to establish a traveller’s true identity has become more important, from the perspective of identifying potential terrorists, serious criminals, legitimate travellers and persons in need of protection;
•    A cooperation and collaboration approach, both nationally and internationally is the only way that those who would seek to harm society can be effectively tackled;
•    Support to the border management and law enforcement agencies of Lebanon is vital, not just for the safety of Lebanon itself, but also for the wider world. Lebanon effectively acts as a filter and early-warning source for Europe.


André ten Caat has more than 30 years‘ of experience working in the document security field, for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at Schiphol International Airport Amsterdam. First as an employee at the Forgery Desk. Fort the past  twelve years as the head of the Training Department of the Centre of Expertise Identityfraud and Documents (ECID). Due to his function, he has turned many International Document Security projects, under the auspices of various International Organizations such as EU, UN, ICMPD, NATO and Frontex. Since four years, the Training Department ECID is responsible for the Document Security section of the IBM project Lebanon. Therefore, there is a close cooperation with ICMPD (for example Phil Johnson) and the Lebanese General Security (for example Mohammad Abbas). The Training Department stands for tailor-made document training at all possible levels.    




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