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Tony Dean

Senior Technical Consultant, De La Rue International Limited, Member of
Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) eDocuments Working Group, ICAO NTWG and ICBWG Working Groups, UK


Tony Dean served with the UK Immigration Service for ten years, five of which were in the National Document Fraud Unit (NDFU) as an Expert witness to UK Courts and advisor to UK Government departments on document security.  

In 2005, he joined the UK Passport Office to take responsibility for the design and introduction of new identity documents of the United Kingdom.  

In 2013, Tony joined De La Rue to work within their Identity Management business providing technical support to new passport and identity projects.

Tony represented the United Kingdom as a member of the European Commission Article 6 Committee.

He represents De La Rue on various technical bodies including the International Standards Organisation JTC1/SC17 Working Group 3 for Machine-Readable Travel Documents, and ICAOs New Technologies Working Group (NTWG), and Infrastructure and Capacity Building Working Group (ICBWG), and the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) eDocuments Working Group.


Special Session: eDocuments – have you been sold a “dud”?


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