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Peter Waggett

Director of Research, IBM UK

Biometrics at the border: the integrators challenge

The Integration of biometrics into systems responsible for managing border crossings brings the potential rewards of frictionless secure transits to the travelling public and the organisations that regulate those crossings. Biometrics is becoming increasingly popular and widely acceptable with the introduction of smart phones and other consumer devices that can be secured with them. The integration of this technology across multiple form factors and into existing border control systems must take account of the challenges of biometrics. This talk will outline some of the challenges faced by the integrators and outline future developments of the technologies.

•    The integration and testing challenges when using biometrics;
•    New form factors for biometrics and identity transactions;
•    Future directions for identification.


Dr Peter Waggett is Director of Research for IBM, based at the Hursley Laboratory. He was the biometrics lead responsible for specifying, evaluating and testing the UK’s Visa Waiver system amongst others. He holds multiple patents relating to biometric and imaging system and is editor of a number of biometric standards. He is Chair of the ISO standards committee SC17 that is responsible for defining standards relating to identification documents and interactions including bank cards, driving licence and passport.


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