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David Westgate

Business Support and Forensic Analysis, Travel Documents, Government Programs, Gemalto, UK

On the front line: Enhanced identity verification techniques

From border control to law enforcement and beyond, hundreds of thousands of people work on the
front line. One of their significant challenges is to verify a person’s identity as quickly, reliably and effectively as possible. This challenge is made all the greater by the environment in which identity checks are performed and the limited time pressures that exist. Coupled with that, many front line professionals, such as bank clerks or hotel receptionists, are not dedicated identification experts, but are asked to make a judgement nonetheless. New – more mobile – ways of scanning ID documents are also becoming popular, but as well as a variety of advantages, they could also represent a significant risk to the integrity and quality of the verification process. This session examines the trends and challenges associated with verifying identity on the front line and offers ideas as to the skills, tools and procedures available to enhance the efficacy of this process.


The future of secure document design

Innovation in secure document design has accelerated as new manufacturing and ink processes emerge alongside increasingly complex deployments of maturing technologies. This session will explore how the expansion of visible and invisible security elements is crucial in combating potentially disruptive forgery and tamper techniques, but also examine wider design trends and evolving authentication needs.



After a career in UK government service for more than 30 years, David Westgate is now with Gemalto Government Programs to support business and forensic analysis. Previously, David served as part of the United Kingdom Home Office and Immigration intelligence for the more than 24 years, and has considerable experience of border control procedures and document verification. David has served as a visa officer on secondment to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Karachi, Pakistan, and well as Airline Liaison Officer in New Delhi, India, covering the whole of northern India and Nepal. He has delivered training on document fraud and immigration control procedures to several overseas border and intelligence groups as well as visa officers and police. As a former member of the management team of the National Document Fraud Unit, David has held lead responsibility for research into secure documents and security features in high security documents on behalf of the Home Office and other
government departments. He has represented the UK at Article 6 committee in Brussels and is a former member of New Technologies Working Group of ICAO.

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