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Frédéric Trojani

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Government Programs, Gemalto, France 

Frédéric Trojani has held full responsibility for Gemalto's Government business since 2014.
Under his guidance, Gemalto has achieved a leadership position in the secure identity market, with more than 100 client references worldwide.

Prior to this, Frédéric served as Senior Vice President (SVP), Government Programs. His responsibilities included devising a strategic vision for Gemalto within the public sector, and overseeing development of the full range of products, solutions and services. He spent five years in Finland (2006-2011) leading the successful integration of Setec Oy into the Gemalto Security Business Unit following the company's acquisition.

In more than 30 years with the company, Frédéric has served in a variety of capacities at Schlumberger, Axalto and now Gemalto, including SVP Public Sector and Transport, SVP Marketing and Development and SVP/Managing Director, Telecom Systems & Solutions. He is also the Chairman of the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) which helps governments to build and to roll out eGovernment Services.

Frédéric holds degrees in engineering, physics and signal processing from L'Institut de Chimie et de Physique Industrielle (ICPI).


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